How to Show Up When You Don't Feel Like It?

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“The formula for success is 2% talent, 8% luck, and 90% of showing up every day.” - Jeffrey Fry

It’s winter. Your morning alarm rings and you’re in bed. Most of us are going to start our day, maybe hit snooze a couple of times before getting up. But we all know most of us would rather sleep in and stay warm under the blanket.

We can’t help but want to stay cozy. Then comes the excuses spiralling, “I’ll just do it later”, “Do I have to do this?”, or “I’m too ____ for this”.

What we really want to say is: I don’t feel like it.

We’re humans. We get it. No matter what day it is or what you’re working on, there are going to be times when you just don’t feel like doing anything. Alexa, play The Lazy Song.

What Do You Want and Why?

Think about it. In ten years, you'll be X years old. You can be an X years old doctor, fitness guru, business owner, celebrity, (insert your goal here), or you can just do nothing. Regardless, you'll still be X years old in ten years.

You have goals. But why do you actually want to accomplish them in the first place? Try asking yourself "why" at least five times.

"I want to start my own business. Why? I want to be my own boss. Why? I want to work for myself. Why? I want to put my efforts on what I care about. Why? I'm tired of doing work for someone else. Why? I want to focus on my own passion and success."

Once you find out why you really want to accomplish this goal, it gets easier to remind yourself why you need to show up.

Baby Steps Are Steps

The more we think about our goal as a whole, the more we get overwhelmed. What can you do right at this moment? Let's start there.

Instead of jumping onto planning for your business or thinking about what kind of business you want, brainstorm your passions, what you like, what you don't like.

It helps to have a to-do list, weekly or daily. Checking off each task gives your brain a small dopamine hit, keeping your excuses down and your motivation up!

Talk About It

Externalize. Goals are not easy. If they were, they wouldn't be a goal. Talk about your project; its progress, its problems. Talking out loud decreases stress and helps you process your thoughts.

If you're too caught up in your project, having other's perspectives can help you see outside the box too. You'll be surprised how much inspiration you can get just from voicing out your thoughts.

Do The Work

You've made it this far! You know what you want, why you want it, and how to start getting there. Now you just have to do the work and show up.

Keep yourself accountable, and remember that it's okay to get help - it can be in the form of someone helping you in your project, holding you accountable, or just being there.

Success won't happen on its own. Do the work, you won't regret it.