Save Yourself 10+ Hours Of Work This Black Friday

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"An hour of planning can save you 10 hours of doing." - Dale Carnegie

Cyber weekend is always big for online shopping, but sales rocketed to a monumental $9 billion in 2020 - a record breaking 22% increase!

If you aren't careful though the monster weekend could turn into a nightmare filled with waiting for ad approvals at 3am & banging down your creative teams' doors in the middle of Thanksgiving dinner.

Enjoy your holiday weekend this year & plan ahead using the 11 tips below!

1. Get Started Today

Start planning now. Map out your promotions, define a sales strategy, set goals, create a holiday content calendar.

2. Conversion-Focused Product Descriptions

It's important your product descriptions tap into emotions and persuade customers to buy. Convey urgency with phrases like 'Selling Out Fast!'

3. Prepare Your Budget

Prices go up on advertising platforms during the holiday season, so while you plan your budget prepare to spend a bit more than normal.

4. Apply The Right Discounts

To stand out in the cyber weekend sea of discounts you have to a good offer & the bigger the discount the better. Try to go above the standard 20% off.

5. Tease Your Sales

Consumers are already researching & planning their cyber weekend plan of attack. Steadily launch content teasing your sales to get customers excited.

6. Utilize UGC

Cut through the noise this holiday season by connecting with your audience on a personal level. Show them similar faces they can relate with.

7. Prioritize Site Speed

40% of shoppers abandon a website that takes more than 3 seconds to load. GTmetrix is a great tool to test your site speed.

8. Take Advantage of Cross-Selling

Take advantage of more eyes on your website by promoting multiple products. Black Friday Collections & Holiday Gift Guides work great!

9. Plan Your Ads

Cyber weekend is one of the busiest advertising weekends of the year... Don't get caught up waiting for ad approvals, plan ahead and launch early.

10. Ask Your Audiences What They Want

Customers want their voice to be heard. Have a conversation with them, make responding to comments a priority. Tell them they matter.

11. Get Into The Holiday Spirit

People love to see the authentic side of brands & what better way than by spreading holiday joy!? It might even help to boost your brand reach.