Would You Have A Beer With Your Brand?

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What Is Brand Personality?

The long & short of brand personality is: the way your company interacts with the community.

Every aspect & touch point of your brand, from the tone of voice of social posts, to the customer journey on a your website, to the way your product is packaged, is a way for for your brand to communicate personality.

So how do you create a strong brand personality?

Crafting Your Brand's Personality

Once you know who your customers are & where they are talking you can really start the brand brainstorming. Begin by asking yourself: if my brand was a person...

How would they act? The talkative type or more of a wallflower?
How would they speak? Straight to the point or more of a jokester?
What do they look like? Professional & clean cut or more of a California surfer vibe?
When they walk into a bar what is their impact? Are they the life of the party or the more reliable designated driver?
Most of all, what makes them remarkable?

Communicating With Your Audience

Perception is subjective, but it shouldn't be left to chance. Brand personality should be translated into your logo, website, campaigns, messaging, packing & company culture.

The real art of creating a rememberable brand is consistently communicating your brands message with your target audience in a way that resonates with them.

This is a continuous process of listening & interacting with your audience then adjusting your message/communication strategy accordingly. Feedback forms, user tests, customer reviews, and team brainstorms are all helpful tools.

You Can't Be Everything To Everyone

Just like in life your brand isn't foing to be everyone's cup of tea.

Do you have a friend you only see at the gym or on hikes? Or a friend you only hang out with when you go out drinking?

It's the same with businesses. A customer might go to business they know does 2-day shipping when they need something urgently... but just like a best friend, they will spend most of their time & money with a brand they connect with.

How Do You Want Your Brand To Be Remembered?

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